Tuesday, February 8, 2011

brought to you by the letter 'P'

A couple weeks ago when the weather was pretty and not winter like at all, Addie and I went to the Park for a little Picnic of puffs and pictures!

My main reason in going was to let her try out the swings but apparently I picked the only park in history to not have a swing set in the playground.  (What is up with that?!)

 Sometimes it takes 2 hands to shovel puffs in...
 Addie had her camera to take pictures as well.
 This one cracks me up. 
 I call it her "Don't you take my picture while I'm eating" look.

The next day it was still pretty so we went to the park by our house 
and tried out the swings!  

She wasn't too sure at first....
 But she got the hang of it very quickly!

 The end.

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marge said...

sounds like a Perfect Picnic to me!
what a cutie!