Monday, January 24, 2011

9 months

Oh my.  It's been awhile since I blogged!

Sweet Addie is NINE.MONTHS.OLD.  This is not cool with her Momma.  In fact I've grounded her.  (No cellphone or internet access for several years.  She is in big trouble! haha)

In the past month Addie has changed so much!  
She is still a sweet, silly girl and I just love her little personality.  

At her 9 month check up her stats were:  19 lbs 14 oz and she was right around 30 inches.  

     Addie has 5 teeth!  Five!  This past month has been filled with tylenol and motrin.  Poor kid.  She had that one straggly tooth for almost 2 months and then BAM.  4 more in a month!


     Addie is a seasoned pro at crawling and pulling up.  She can sit on her own (and sits just like I did as a baby!) and gets into EVERYTHING.  When I say everything I mean it.  She loves to look (and rip) at my magazines, she loves digging stuff out of bags and purses,  tries to get the xbox and cable box out of the entertainment stand, pulls everything off of coffee tables and ottomans and opens and closes doors...she is a little stinker!

     Addie also is in love with Baylee.  She likes to visit her in 'jail' aka. the laundry room!  Lots of giggles and doggy kisses happen through that baby gate!  Baylee is great with kids but is so hyper that we can't trust her yet to run around in the house with Addie.  One day she will get to though!  Addie will love it.

In the food department Addie loves to eat basically everything.  Her favorite snacks are Cheerios and sweet potato puffs.  She loves anything that involves cheese.  (She IS my daughter after all.)  Her favorites are mac n cheese and shredded cheddar cheese.  Mozzarella will do as well. :)  She also has started to like bananas.  If I have a banana to eat as a snack she makes her way over to me and sneaks bites from it. 

     For Christmas she got so many new toys and she loves them all.  Her favorites are her barn and kitchen!

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