Friday, December 17, 2010

8 months!

Our sweet Addie is 8 months old!

Okay, get ready for lots of pictures. Oh, and I'd like to just say that all these pictures weren't taken on the same day and I swear my daughter has more than one outfit. haha (You will see what I mean here in a bit.)

Addie weighs 20 lbs and is around 30 inches and wears mostly 12 month clothing.

She has a tooth! One lone, scraggly tooth and it is adorable. (she is tryin' to show y'all her tooth in this picture)

She loves to 'brush her teeth'.
I think really she just likes to suck the fruity toothpaste off the brush.

I kinda hope she doesn't get anymore teeth since just the one tooth is so cute. But I think she might have a different opinion once she starts school and sees all the other kids with a full set of teeth. :)

We had our first Thanksgiving with Miss Addie and she had a blast crawling around her Great Aunt and Uncle's house and getting loved on by everyone.

One of Addie's favorite activities is to dump over her toy bins and lay there playing with everything at the same time.
She also loves this stacking toy that she got from her second(?) cousin. (I get confused on how all the 2nds, 3rds, twice removed's all work.)

But most of all she loves pulling up on things and looking at books.