Wednesday, November 17, 2010

seven months

Our sweet Addie is seven months! This past month has been so much fun. She got to have her first Halloween and accomplished some developmental milestones as well!

Addie wears 9-12 month clothing (more 12 month than 9...she's a BIG girl!) and size 3 shoes.

She weighs around 20lbs now and is 29-30 inches long!

This month she started eating/feeding herself puffs and she LOVES them. She would seriously eat them all day long if I let her. We also tried yogurt and she loves that too! Her current favorite foods are the Broccoli and carrots with cheese and mac n cheese. Apparently has loves anything cheesy (just like her Mama!). She is eating any stage 2 foods and we are starting all the stage 3 foods that don't have meat.

Addie can now crawl and that has been so fun to see where she wants to explore.

In fact this week has been a big week in milestones for Addie. On Sunday she started to crawl with her belly off the ground (she was doing the army man before). Then on Tuesday she sat up by herself by pulling up in her toy bucket.
And just last night she got a TOOTH! So I had to go buy a toothbrush and toothpaste for her today!

Here are a couple pictures from her 6 month/Christmas pictures. (taken a week before she turned 7 months...ha ha)

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Ray McVay said...

Apparently has loves anything cheesy (just like her Mama!). ???