Monday, June 20, 2011

14 months

Addie is 14 months!  Since she turned one she seems so much older!

Addie is now off of all her bottles, she eats only table food (with the exception of those awesome fruit and veggie squeeze pouches) and is WALKING!  She took her first steps on Memorial Day and then decided for about 2 weeks that walking was a mistake and went back to just crawling.  Well in the past week or so she has progressed to walking at least 50 percent of the time and as of yesterday she walked almost anywhere she wanted to go.  She can't stand up on her own yet so she has to crawl over to something to pull up but once she is up she will walk from there!  It is too cute to see her wobbling all over the house.

Here are some pictures of the past few weeks:

Hanging at the splash pool with her buddy Riley.
 Seeing cows for the first time
 Riding the four wheeler with Paw Paw for the first time
 Pretty pleased that she got to spend all day "side side" (Addie's word for outside)
 Ruffle butt cuteness!
 Playing with her water table
 Showing off her new flip flops!
 Loving the sunshine and swing!

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Shayla said...

I love her ruffle bum!!!!!

She is SOOOO cute!!!!

I am coming up in August- not sure how long, but I MUST spend time with y'all!!!!!