Saturday, May 14, 2011

playing catch up {1st birthday party and Easter}

Sorry it's been like a month since I blogged last!  This has been a crazy, busy month!

Get ready for rambling and pictures...ready? Okay!

We celebrated Addie's 1st birthday!  She had a pink and green monkey theme!  It was so fun.  I can't believe my baby girl is ONE!

Addie's smash cake and super cute topper. {madebyjackie}
 Centerpiece I made  (Tutorial coming soon)  
And cute fondant cupcake toppers {parkersflourpatch}
 The living room before all the guests arrived 
(Addie is eating some lunch with her PawPaw)
Birthday sign {madebyjackie}
 We had some tables set up on the back porch.  I used bunches of bananas as centerpieces and to help keep the table cloths from blowing away!
 Addie wasn't too sure if she liked cake at first.

 She decided it is the best thing ever! Yea for cake!!!

She had fun opening gifts.  
I think it was the best birthday she's every had.  hehe!

Okay...on to the next event:

Addie's first Easter!

Checking out what the Easter bunny brought.

Realizing that chocolate bunny looks eatable!
 She kept pointing at it and wanted it opened to taste.  We didn't give in. haha!
 Then Addie did some Easter basket weight lifting. 
 This is an impressive feat since she only started standing on her own a few days prior!

 All dressed up and ready for church!  We visited my brother in law's church to see our niece get baptized.  Then my mother in law's birthday fell on Easter this year so we went to lunch after service! It was a fun day!

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Shayla said...

LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addie is such a cutie :)